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Bianca Du Toit - Surendorff 02 January 2013


As always - wishing for hope and happiness :)

Paper Sharks

Bianca Du Toit - Surendorff 23 July 2013


Check out for a fun paper project to raise awareness about sharks.  Our sharks are facing extinction - every little bit helps to get them off the red list! and Project Aware have more information, if you are interested.


I've made my first 5 origami sharks - the first 3 shown here :)  I love origami and sharks, so gonna make a few more with scrap paper I find lying around to include recycling in this project.

New ideas

Bianca Du Toit - Surendorff 10 July 2013


We still have much artwork to publish, but are also brain-storming additional ideas - such as links to other artists, organisations and causes.


Feel free to email your links / ideas.

Site Launch

​Bianca Du Toit - Surendoff  10 July 2013

Welcome to Noteight.  We've been so excited to get the first batch of photos out, so the site is a little 'slim' at the moment, but more to come soon.


There's not much more than can be said at the moment - please read the 'About' page to get a glipse into our idea behind Noteight.


You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: In all haste, there is still so much editing to be done on the site. Please hang in there.

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